Cut to Length Lines

Yogiji offers a wide range of Cut to Length lines with a width range of 400 mm to 1500 mm and thickness ranging from 0.12 mm to 6.00 mm for both ferrous and non- ferrous material.

Yogiji offers Roll feed lines where a precision leveler runs continuously and feeds the material in to a loop. A low inertia Feed Roll pulls the roll at high speed and stops at exact length required ensuring accurate length cuts. Various electrical options are available to suit customer’s accuracy, speed and production requirement.

Air cushion type or drop type or combination of air-drop type stacking systems are offered. Multiple stackers can be provided to eliminate stack change over time to increase production capacity.


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    We have so far successfully designed, supplied, & commissioned 1250 mm strip width 4 -HI Cold Rolling Mill for MMI Tanzania and have completed several turn key projects...
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